A full course of BV treatment
in one oral dose1

Solosec® (secnidazole) is the first and only antibiotic treatment for bacterial vaginosis (BV) designed to deliver a complete course of therapy in just one oral dose1,2

Solosec is designed to deliver a complete course of therapy for BV (bacterial vaginosis) in just one oral dose.

Treatment completion can be challenging to your BV patients for many reasons.2-4

Solosec offers them an easy one-dose oral treatment option that may potentially improve adherence.5

Even though BV is common, treatment can be challenging. Find out why.2-4

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Solosec was proven to be effective in pivotal trials.1,6,7

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Learn how Solosec delivers potent antimicrobial activity in a single dose.1,5

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Solosec is easy to take—a full course of treatment in one oral dose.1,8

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